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I think today's show was much better. It felt a lot more comfortable and I wasn't knackered like yesterday. It's quite weird standing in for Daryl. A lot of fun and very different to standing in for Matt. I enjoy working in the day though. I wasn't happy with myself when I took it on last time round and immediately longed for the comfort of working at night.

So, I stumble off air and we're away to the "team-building" day. Horrific! Absolutely terrifying. People firing shotguns at clay pidgeons. Running over assault courses. Climbing 8 foot high walls. Flapping round. Being the 'alpha male' and generally doing all the sorts of things that "go getters" and "big hitters" do in these situations.

I'm of a nervous disposition and have a vivid graphic and unforgiving imagination. I watched one of the teams doing the assault course in a state of total petrification. With each moment I imagined an even more terrible fate befalling one of my collegues. As they climbed up and down the nets and so forth I was anticipating the pop of a limb or the snap of a bone.

Then -WHHOOOSH - SLAMM! One of the women in the office landed an enormous crack on her head. Urgh. F#ck. I can't look. Jesus Christ. I f#cking knew it. Is she? Urgh. No. No. She's okay? She's got a helmet on. Don't take it off, her brains will come out? No. No. She's okay. She's laughing, she's fine*. She's okay. Fu#king hell.

They're all loving it. Running round and shouting things like "hell yeah"! I seem to be eternally detatched from the emotions of my fellow humans.


*Well. She'd just hit her head. She wasn't fine. She did say she felt like crying afterwards. But instead she masked her pain with a pleasant smile and laughed it off.


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