Dreamed about a scabby eye

Blogging seems to be taking off these days. Lots of people I know have taken up the mantle and started putting their thoughts on the internet in word form. For a while I've had the following conversation with my girlfriend:

"So if you're blogging you should let me plug it on mine, then people can read yours who read mine"

"No, I don't want people to read mine just because I go out with you"

"They won't, they'll just like to have a look that's all"

"But your blog gets readers"

"Not many. And besides only a small fraction of them ever follow my sidebar links"

"Oh okay"

So that sounds to me like she's given me permission to link to her blog. Hence if you look at the sidebar you'll see an entry which say's "My Girlfriend's Blog". In it she talks about bands she fancies and my ringtone which she wrongly identifies as Superman.

I like the fact that blogging is starting to take off. I now have loads of blogs which I can flick through when the mood takes me. The more the better in my book. I'd go as far as to say they're one of the best things the internet has produced for us. Aside of course from emails promising bigger erections and strange offers from people who reckon they want you to look after huge amounts of money for them.



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