Good luck Mr Mushroom...

I have rules about how I put these entries together. One of the rules is that I rarely change an entry once it's been posted. What annoys me is that I remembered just as I was going to sleep what I ment to say about War Of The Worlds in yesterday's entry. What I ment to say was - isn't it annoying when you're watching something you really enjoy and you start crying 'coz it's so good. It's hard to gaze in awe while you've got tears in your eyes!

That would have been a good entry. Much better than what ended up being posted.

I'm sure you can empathise with my irritation. Saying something rubbish when you wanted to say something interesting is a common fault. I often do it.

The flip side is when you start to say something dull or rubbish and then just manage to stop yourself.

NM: "um.. no actually"

The only problem with this is that then the other person becomes very interested in the rubbish thing you were about to say.

X: "What? What? Go on. What were you just about to say?"

NM: "Um.. nothing. Nothing."

X: "No, go on. You were about to say something. What was it?"

NM: "I was just ... um ... no it's silly"

X: "Oh don't be like that why won't you tell me? What was it?"

NM: "I was just going to say wouldn't it be weird if they served tea in pubs on taps like, you know, beer taps or pumps or something. That's all."

X: "What? Why were you going to say that? What a stupid thing to say? Ha ha. What a f#ckwit you really are."

NM: "But... I wasn't going to say it. I decided not to. You made me do it."

X: "Ha ha. Nonsense. You're the fool not me. It's your weblog and yet still I've outwitted and humilliated you. Ha ha ha"

NM: "Fuc#nuts"

The alternative to this is you invent something else to say while the discussion about what you were going to say is developing. Something like - "nice weather we've been having".



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