If you're interested in it... be prepared for the fact it's therefore likely to take an interest in you. (Tuesday)

Suppose that when you die your life actually does flash before your eyes. One question that has always fascinated me is how would it do this in such a short space of time? How is all that information compressed into a few seconds of realtime?

One way to do it would be to have it like it is when you watch a film being fast forwarded on a DVD. Here speed is achieved by cutting out some of the frames of the film. I find this idea unsatisfactory given that you're not actually watching the film, you're watching an incomplete version. If this were true it would be more accurate to say that bits of your life flash before your eyes before you die*.

In the few accounts I've heard where this phenomenon is reported it's the whole thing. Only an idiot thinks they can watch a film by scanning it on fast forward. Surely the same would be true of your life story?

The second idea which I find more satisfying is that your perspective and perceptual ability changes with the experience and you're in some way able to process all of the information in those few seconds you have available to you. Every last burp, fart, trivial detail, amazing moment and awful tragedy. No bits left out. Not compressed but fully realised and entirely complete...

This raises the question - how complete? Would it include the end bit of your life. The bit where your life flashes before your eyes just before you die?

If it did this would lock your life story into a loop. A loop which allows you to compact the events of your life not just into a few seconds but now into the final fractal extant of a few seconds. A loop which in the real world starts to defy the laws of what is physically possible, surely?

Processing a lifetime of information in fractions upon fractions of time. The more the loop turns the faster the dying person would be living out their entire life story from our perspective but to them of course this would not be the case. To them it'd all be going at a comprehensible speed. Whereas as far as we're concerned they're experiencing a lifetime within a split fraction of a nano-second. And beyond. Until they are no longer in the realms of what is possible in a finite world. Pushing up out of the finite into the infinite. Is that possible? Probably not. I don't know.

How could I possibly know or understand all of this? I'm just fuc#ing with your tiny mind for fun. Follow me. It's fun.

Anyway, I digress, imagine this:

You are born and you experience the first second of your life. At the end of that second that period of time is literally (to you) a lifetime. Therefore living for another second would be (to you) like living for another lifetime.

So now you were born two seconds ago... living for a third one is going to take you half the time it did before in terms of your perspective. It's only literally (to you) half a lifetime now. Still a long time considering where you head will eventually get to but, y'know, not as long as it was.

This process continues until seconds start to amount to much less in terms of your life experience. Your perspective allows you to percieve time more easily and in line with the rest of the real world. You're tuning into consensus reality.

Suppose we shoot forward to you being one year old. A month to a one year old kid is an enormous ammount of time. One twelfth of their lifetime from their perspective! A two year old though and it's half the time. A twelve year old kid and a month isn't nearly as bad. A 24 year old adult and a month is nothing.

Thus the experience of many of us is that time appears to be speeding up. It's all about perspective and how much of it we've experienced.** It's interesting to note the parrallels between this idea and the one I opened with. All about realtive time perception based on perspective.

Is it possible that we drop from the state of death I described at the start of this weird 'blog entry into the life we're in now?

Maybe it is.

Did you think of that?

No you didn't because you're busy doing things like living a life while I'm having time off. Not going on holiday to some hot country or some such. Just sat on my ar#e thinking. For fun.


*This may well be the case. I don't know. Obviously. This is a 'blog. I don't need to know. I'm writing this for fun. I'm not really interested in helping you along the spritual path. That's your own business. I don't remember ever dying before. Or do I? Actually I do. Furthermore I'm surprised I've never included an account of this odd hallucination of mine concerning the intimate details of my own death in this 'blog. That's quite odd. Will have to post it up sometime. Seriously. Not joking. I've watched myself actually die twice. I'm an old man in hospital. Really f#cking odd.

**This (in my opinion) is why old people see the world as being fast moving. I've also often thought it's why kids have a higher pitch to their voices unlike older people whose voices continue to deepen the older they get. Old airchecks of radio shows I did as an 18 year old have me prattling away with what sounds like a speeded up voice. I was just younger.


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