I'm not having that... super casinos.

I get sent lots of links to bands. Gina sent me this one [external link to myspace] with the following comments:

" These boys are going to be the next best thing to rise from our steel city! I suggest you be a good radio station and play one of their myspace tracks! Its all professianl like, and they have a forthcoming album launch party at PLUG! Thats a big venue! "*

It's nice that people are still trying to make good music. My girlfriend is really into her new music whereas I'm a fan of old music**. I used to try and be a rockstar with my mates years ago. We'd all plug our electric guitars in and sing old 60's tunes with loud buzzing chords to them. It was very exciting.

We also tried to write our own songs. I managed to construct about 50 or so songs. 49 of them were frankly rubbish but one of them was okay. I'd love to give this song away to someone who has a band. Seriously.

I've always thought it was a bit of a waste that I wrote a reasonably good song but never did anything with it. I'm never going to get a band together and tour and make it big. It's simply not going to happen. My original song is going to waste. I never use it. If you're in a band and you want it send me an email [Nick@hallamfm.co.uk] and I'll try and work out how to give it to you. I'd have to record it I guess. Not sure.

It's a minor detail.

I doubt anyone will take me up on my offer. This blog gets loads*** of readers these days but hardly anyone corresponds with me through it. I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything but it seems a bit rubbish that I get maybe one or two emails a month from it. Here's one from
Wayne the conspiracy theorist:

I think a Chatroom would be cool, a messageboard would be too.

Given that he's THE ONLY person to have replied to my earlier rantings about improving this blog I'm taking his views as those of THE MAJORITY and have added a comments feature to the blog. I hope this doesn't prove to be a mistake. I imagine no one will take the opportunity to comment anyway. We'll see. I think you've got to be a registered blogger to add your thoughts. I'm sure they will be genius.


*I've never heard of "PLUG" before as I don't go to nightclubs and the like these days. However I'm inclined to say that I like it because my friend Daniel Harrison who does Phlegm Magazine [external link to Phlegm comics] is currently spraying 60 meters of his art onto the walls of the place.

**Although I am old I've always been into old music. 60's - 70's. I think pop music went wrong somewhere around 1977, maybe earlier. After that date most stuff was rubbish with a few obvious exceptions.

***It's the end of the month and even though I've been less bothered about my infamous hit counter this month shows yet another increase on the last one. Soon you'll be able to brag to people about how you were here before them and so forth. That'll be fun won't it. Bit like the old phone in. Then perhaps I can stop writing it for no apparent reason. Great.


Nicholarse said…
Right - so you comment in this box and stuff. Wonder if anyone will bother?

Neil Porter said…
Comments! Much better.

By the way, I have a rather cheeky way of reading your posts using my email client without actually going to your blog pages themselves (using your atom xml feed).

Apologies if I haven't been showing up on your traffic counter until now.
Andy_m_04 said…
No,no they won't.
Yesman said…
Nah, not worth the effort...
Leather Face said…

Nice one Nick, loving it.

PS. There is a Peak Oil programme on either BBC1 or 2 tonight Tuesday 30th May as usuall though somthing that involves the fate of our Civilisation as managed a time spot of either 10:30 or 11:30 PM - I really should know the exact times.

PPS. My Blog has died for now, not because I got a life but because i'm working about 70+ hours per week at moment.

PPPS. Yes I am Wayne the conspiracy theorist :0)

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