Looks like that one just slipped through my fingers...

So I'm off this week and have spent most of the morning in bed. That's what I do when I have time off. F%ck all. It's all I've ever done with my time off. Laze about and get drunk. I don't understand why people get in a flap and go on holiday and stuff. What's the deal with that? It seems to be more of a stress than anything else to me. And it costs a fortune!

My girlfriend will be going on holiday soon when she takes her time off. She's going to Greece. She is of course going with one of her mates, the teacher who I thought was cool. I can't speak Greek so I'll never go there. My new rule is I will only go to countries where I can speak to people. It seems rude to turn up without having any idea how to talk to the natives. This restricts me to only visiting the colonies. I don't like hot weather either so the chances of me ever going abroad again are looking slim.

Also I hate flying. Oh there's no reason to be worried about that you silly boy! Pah! Shove that thought up your a&se. There's every reason to be scared of flying. Mainly the possibility of a horrific death.

One thing I don't understand about holidays is where people get the money from. I earn a reasonable amount of cash but I don't have any left over to go zooming off to foreign lands. Seriously, there's nothing in my account for that sort of thing. Too many outgoings.

Crack cocaine and heroin don't pay for themselves you know.



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