Macca's been done like a fool hasn't he?

Last night I spent hours on the internet flicking around a website which I wasn't previously aware of: Very good it is too. In fact I'd go as far as to say it's totally opened my eyes at to where the internet and the media is headed. He's building a TV station in his house! There's loads of odd videos on there. It sort of reminds me of his old TV show that he used to do. I could watch it for hours. Hang on. I just did watch it for hours.

At the rate we're going soon everyone will have their own TV channel, radio station, newspaper collumn. I've sorely tempted to take some video on my phone of this forthcoming awards ceremony I'm going to. Host it on google video and then embed it on this site. Job done. Amazing!

The number of friends I've got who now have blogs is increasing by the day. It feels like I'm adding a new one each time I post*. Soon we'll all be uploading video like Tom Green does. Not all of it will be great but it's going to change the way the media works forever. Currently most media organisations survive not because they're good but simply because they hold a licence to broadcast. Once those days are over and anyone can communicate with the masses just by sitting down at a computer it's really going to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Some people in the media are really worried about this and are keen to cling to their monopoly. Their attitude is sort of: "Oh my god! He's got his own collumn and 1000's of readers and he's not even famous! It's an outrage!". It upsets them to think that in the future everyone really will be famous for 15 minutes.

Many people in television still mourn the loss of the terestrial television system where we only had four channels. Then of course there are people in government and so forth who are worrying about the impact this has on society as we continue to fracture down into smaller sub-groups. The political arena is now being defined more and more not by ideology but by which of these groups you belong to. Hence the rise of right wing parties like the BNP and Respect.

A lot of people are really very worried about it. How are you going to tell people what to do if none of them watch any of the major TV channels?

I'm in the other court. Bring the whole f#cking thing down man. Lets hear all those thoughts that people don't express. Let people who do good stuff be rewarded and those who are rubbish but their daddy happens to work in the company - your days are numbered. The sooner all this happens the better. It's exciting!

Actually, if you want to see the future of broadcasting: CLICK HERE (not okay for younger readers, too much swearing**). This guy sums it up for me. I honestly think it should be okay for people like him to have a crack at doing a phone-in on a proper radio station. You'd have audience coming out of your a#se.


*Well, I sort of am. Here's my mate Lloyd's. He and I did a short lived stand-up double act for a bit. He's a lot funnier than I am but has little/no interest in doing anything with it.

**In fact in fairness, younger readers shouldn't really be reading this website. It's far too boring. Not particularly offensive I don't think but certainly boring. Go out and play in the sunshine/rain whatever.


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