The O.C. (Sunday)

Bloody hell that episode of Dr Who was amazing! I missed the Saturday showing and watched the re-run today. It blew me away! The Cybermen have always been my favourite villains. Their only problem is they often play second fiddle to The Daleks and many of their episodes have suffered from poor scripts in the past. Even so I've always thought they were far more exciting than The Daleks. In fact I once met the actor who played the leader of The Cybermen in the 80's and I still own a copy of his book which he wrote, signed of course.

I'm really in geek heaven these days. 2000AD subscription, writing regularly for geek-bible REDEYE magazine and watching Dr Who. Excellent. Actually there's another cool thing. The Pat Mills interview seems to be shaping up well. This Thursday I'll be popping down to London with the editor of the magazine to interview The Godfather of British Comics. Brilliant. My only vague fear is that there's been a misunderstanding with the dates and perhaps it was actually this Thursday just gone. I'm pretty sure it's just my natural paranoia kicking in there but we'll see. My disorganised life isn't able to shock me anymore I don't think. Such a misunderstanding is possible and slightly hinted at in recent emails I've been sent with comments like - "we're meeting him at xxx on Thursday, see you there". Got that email at the start of last week.

Going to spend a large part of this week - I'm off all week - reviewing a new batch of comics I've got. One of them is a new BBC one called Dr Who Adventures. It's pretty rubbish. It's clearly for kids, but as a kid I remember things like this annoying me. Just because you're a kid it doesn't mean you're stupid.

Well. Perhaps it does. I can't remember.

A lot of kids are pretty f*cking thick.

Hey-ho, I'll save it for the review.



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