An odd quirk of the Banyan Tree...(Friday)

I admit it, I am excited about the fact that I'm due to go see Take That in Manchester this weekend. We're going to the saturday performance. There's silly rumours that Robbie Williams will be performing at one of the hometown gigs. They're obviously b#llocks but it adds a little spice to the forthcoming adventure.

Me and Take That have a long history. Any bloke of my age knows their power. Most of the relationships I've had have been with women who've loved Robbie and Mark and the chaps. As a result I've watched Take That Live videos and documentaries and so forth. Although I missed the recent one. I was visiting my parents at the time and my dad wouldn't let me watch it because "they're f#ckin' shi#e son". I know in my heart that he's right about that but on the flip side I kind of feel like I've grown up with them a bit.

I remember watching them as a kid and thinking it was funny that they were only a few years older than me. I quite liked their manner. I just didn't admit this to any of my mates at school because obviously they'd have reacted like my dad did.

To some extent I've kept up the idea that I don't really like them and that I'm only going to watch them because my girlfriend wants me to. Then she decided to call my bluff:

Jodes: "Well if they're so rubbish and you don't want to go I'll take Claire with me instead and you can go for a pint with the lads"

- oh f#ck I've been rumbled -

Me: "Err, no it's okay babes I'll come with you. I know you like their music and stuff.."

Jodes: "No I don't mind. We can still see each other. Claire would love to go."

Me: "Um.. well.. I mean"

Jodes: "I'll send her a text she'll be made up"

Me: "NO! NO! NO! No. I mean. Sorry. Erm. Actually I think I'll go. Yeah. I'll go. It'll be good."

Jodes: "Do you want to go then?"

Me: "Yes. Maybe."

Jodes: "Say it bitch."

Me: "Ok. Ok. I admit it. I love Take That and I always have."

Jodes: "Say it in a girly voice like the little gimp that you are!"

Me: [in a high pitched voice] "I want to go see Take That!"


Well, you know. It was sort of like that. Perhaps I've exaggerated the first part.



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