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I've lost 1lb. I went to Weight Watchers and got weighed and was told I'd lost 1lb. I've been sticking to it all week. There was general confusion all round:

"Oh well - at least you've not gained a pound."

"Have you been doing it right?"

"Perhaps you're not eating enough?"

"You watch it'll kick in next week"

As I sat listening to the woman talk to the group about how great the new shopping guide is (£4.50 if you want to buy one) I considered what an odd little thing this group was. It's one of the only times I'm in a room where I am the only bloke*. I feel like I've not quite sussed it out yet. It sort of reminds me of Sunday School/Cub Scouts. It's very odd. Not a situation I'm used to and in that respect, I think it's something worth doing.

'Perhaps I've f#cked up my metabolic system with the atkins diet?' I mused as the woman explained how each letter in the word "Shopping Guide" stood for something positive on the path towards weight loss.

I drove back to work and chatted to the lovely Maureen who does the cleaning at Hallam FM. She was surprised I'd not lost more. She'd even predicted I'd have lost around 4lbs. I like her, she's nice. I think the world could do with a few more nice people.

I wonder if I'd gone to the toilet first I could have lost 2lbs?


*The other chap who was there last week wasn't in this time.


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