Regis of the Moor Pond

Is it possible that the collective consciousness of which we are all a part is actually the same force which shapes consensus reality, rather than the other way round, as I'd always presumed? If you imagine humanity as one dreamer imagining truths with each moment and replacing them in the next can we realise each person's perspective as a fraction of what actually is real? I suspect what holds us back is the fact that people so often lie about what they think. If someone is sincere in their beliefs I think they should be taken seriously. I've got a mate who I respect as an equal and he believes firmly in ghosts. He claims to be able to sense them. My only option is to suspend judgement on the matter.

Recently I'm getting more and more into the idea of sincerity and genuine conviction. Bill Hicks used to believe that everyone had an internal voice of logic. I know I have. When I'm wrong about something I often know it, deep down. The little voice of logic is in there. Sometimes it's hard to find it though as like most people I'm able to lie to myself with real conviction.

I had a conversation recently with a mate of mine about my aspirations to do stand-up comedy. He said that really I should stop doing the open-mic shows now and get on proper bills infront of paying people. My little voice of logic agreed with him. Every other part of me got a little bit frightened and tried to convince me that I could still learn a lot from open mic gigs.

Stand-up comedy is the final frontier for me. I know it's where I've got to go next. The problem with most of the other things I've done is they're too easy and the returns are accordingly lower. Stand-up is hard work but if you do it well I imagine it's like crack cocaine. The highs are high.

And the lows are low I suppose.

You'll read about it all here.



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