Saw it again last night in my dreams, this time it wasn't mine?

Urrgh. I have a hangover. It's one of those ones you get after you spend the night drinking: lager, Guinness (mixed with Tia Maria), vodka and coke*. I was drinking lager because it has less weight watchers points in it than my traditional bitter. I was drinking vodka because it's got even less. I drank Guinness with Tia Maria in it because I was drunk and thought it tasted nice. That's the same reason I tried to order Pizza when I got home. Fortunately Manchester isn't as good as Sheffield for things like that and we couldn't find anyone prepared to deliver**.

Whenever I wake up in the morning like this I always feel that I've done something stupid. As I sat on the throne this morning I skimmed through my phone and realised that around 12 different take-away and delivery places got the following message:

"Oh I see - not open tonight are we not chaps? Well fu*k yoo pretty boy!"

Seemed hilaryarse at the time. Now it appears to be the drunken shenanigans of a fool, which of course it was. I'm a giddy and silly drunk. Getting in a bad mood or becoming annoyed about anything just sobers me up and is very hard to maintain. Drink affects different people in different ways. It used to just send me to sleep when I over did it. That's not the case anymore unfortunately.

Now of course I'm going through all the usual nonsense I experience after drinking too much the night before. Odd feelings of guilt. Tired yet restless. And the classic 'I should give up for a month or so'. Which I rarely follow through but I think perhaps that time is coming. Currently I'm on anti-biotics for my foot. The doctor told me I'd be okay to have a couple of drinks on them and that is sort of what I've done however they work as a good excuse for not drinking.

How odd is that? You need an excuse to not drink!

"Not having a pint Nick?"

"No I'm alright actually."

"Why not? You're not driving, come on man! Get a beer down you!"

INSERT EXCUSE HERE... or get a beer...

Perhaps a good excuse would be something which includes reference to the fact it makes me act like a total twonk.


*Coca-cola. Not cocaine. I'm not boring enough to do that yet.
**Point to Sheffield here. I'm trying to work out which is the best. In all honesty the steel city is winning hands down.


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