Skak lob

I'm going to go and get weighed again at WeightWatchers. It really is like a sort of version of The Freemasons. Popped into my local shop today and had a half hour conversation with the woman in there about how many points were in what. Oh yes, she's a weightwatcher too! We got on so famously that she ended up giving me a box of weetabix for free. Excellent. The whole incident managed to shake the foul mood I'd managed to get myself in last night...

I watched a TV programme called "I killed John Lennon" about the useless t#at who shot one of my childhood heroes. It was infuriating on so many levels I don't know why I didn't just turn it off*. Everytime I have that story related to me there is a little part of me which half expects the story to turn out okay this time.

Chapman, clutching a book of The Catcher in The Rye, shouted out to the popstar "Mr Lennon". John turned round and saw he was holding a gun. Quick as a flash the dry witted scouser grabbed his wife and used her as a human shield.

Blam blam blam. No more Yoko. A terrible tragedy which produced Lennon's next album. A work which many people believe was some of his best work. Yeah, and then the security guard from the Dakota building and Lennon kicked the f#cking shit out of Ono's killer.

Everyone's happy.

No, sad. Because Yoko died and stuff. But y'know.


My athlete's foot is clearing up. Really clearing up. I'm on antibiotics for the ba#tard at the moment. It's almost gone though.

*A factor which adds to my annoyance.


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