Spag bog

Exhausted! Clash of the shifts. Sunday night I was on air doing my late show. Monday morning I'm up early to stand in for Daryl Denham. Towards the end of the show I got seriously giddy. The absurdity of what I was doing seemed incredibly apparent. Talking inbetween songs. To what avail? Why? Cue the giggles.

As a result I fluffed some of the links and got occasionally confused as to what I was supposed to be doing. Only minor things here and there but it's annoying* nontheless.

Tomorrow it'll be different because I'll be fully rested, watered and fed**. The only shame is that most of the Hallam FM staff will be at a "team day" learning how to work as a team. It'll be one of those motivational sessions. People breaking wood and shouting "I am a winner". You know the sort of thing. I've never learned anything even remotely interesting at one of them but I enjoy their absurd nature.

The reason this is a shame is that my boss will be there too. That means in reality he won't listen to any of my fantastic work. He'll have heard me today and think I'm a bit of a fu#kwit.


*Well, it was amusing. To me. At the time.
**After my blowout at the Take That concert where I ate EVERYTHING I could think of, my points total was almost non-existent on Sunday.


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