Thin mongy doggy (Saturday)

I consumed an enormous amount of alcohol on Friday night at the company awards ceremony. Some people contend that drunks tell the truth. I've always thought that was bo*llocks. I recently heard this idea again off my girlfriend's mum. My sister used to believe it as well. I'm not sure if she still does. If it were true I'd be very worried. Furthermore, if it were true then our Governments would just use alcohol as the infamous 'truth drug' for which they've so long searched.

It's not true.

My memory of the night is patchy. It's annoying because I'm not entirely sure who I should ring and apologise to. Perhaps I don't need to. I'm usually a happy and silly drunk. That said I certainly annoyed some people by pretending to run up for awards which I hadn't won. I think I annoyed my boss by giving him a piece of my mind about something as well. I wasn't having a go but I was talking utter sh*te. Something he realised with the following firm but fair line: "Nick, this is neither the time or the place for this discussion". Fair 'enuff.

I thought it'd be funny to wear a t-shirt which said "I'm Number 1 so why try harder" and Phoneboy bet me that I wouldn't manage to wear some cool rockstar shades throughout the night. He lost the bet. On one level this t-shirt could be perceived as arrogant but on another it's so clearly ironic you'd have to really think I was number one (or at least that I thought I was) for it not to be funny. Sometimes my irony is lost on people. A fat bloke with a beard is not number 1.

I filmed large parts of it on my phone as an experiment. I'm thinking it will soon be possible to embed video onto this blog. I don't know if this will improve it or not. I'm also still toying with the idea of popping up a comments section.

As I've got the week off I might spend a little more time making this website cooler. Howabout putting up one of those f*cking awful chatrooms?*


*Obvious irony. You knew that right?


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