(Thursday) Guzzling big flaps of dead meat is fun!

If you read this blog often you will know I'm a geek who loves comic books. Not "ha ha" comics but 2000AD featuring Judge Dredd. Like Batman only good. For a while I tried to pretend I wasn't really a geek but the older you get the less of a f#ck you can give. In the end you just accept that comics are ace. There are only a few really great writers in the comic book world that I am aware of. Pat Mills is one of them. Today I finally got to meet him for this interview I'm doing in REDEYE magazine.

He's respectfully and rightly known as The Godfather Of British Comics. The almost legendary writer is responsible for Slaine, ABC Warriors, Charley's War, Finn. He created the comic 2000AD and is largely responsible for keeping the whole industry here in the UK afloat. He has a reputation as a bad-ass take no s#it type so I was surprised to find him to be really pleasant funny and easy to chat with. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me take some time to tell you the story.

I spend the night before flicking through old 2000AD comics. It's a totally weird experience which manages to bring back loads of memories concerning my childhood and what it was like for me to be a teenager and read these great comics. Strange.

On the train down to London I'm trying to construct a list of questions which covers Pat Mills's entire career, from writing girls comics in the 70's through to his work on 2000AD and also his seminal book "Charley's War". I'm too busy getting a solid structure to the interview written up to be nervous.

Meet the editor of REDEYE Magazine Barry Renshaw in London Euston. It's the first time we've met face to face and he's exactly the same age as me and looks slightly like me as well. Great.

We then go to the place where we're meeting The Godfather Of British Comics and there he is. Instantly recognisible from pictures of him which were taken years ago. He looks a lot cooler than you might have imagined. We skip off to a hotel bar and get chatting.

Our tactic was to just let him talk...

I want a massive long transcript of him talking for ages about stuff. I've yet to read an interview with him like that. What we got was well beyond what I'd anticipated.

He spoke about magic, seeing a UFO, David Icke, the comic book industry, the fall of girls comics. It was ace. Nothing went wrong. Perfect day.

We've got about halfway through his career. We're looking to hook up again soon so we can finish up.

I feel like I should add some sort of twist to this story.

There was no twist.

For once I met one of my heroes and he was ace and I had a great time.



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