'Twas a bit rubbish last night though, shame I was getting into it.

I'm particularly excited today because as well as going to see Take That tonight I'm also going to go get some comics from a shop in Manchester called something like "Travelling Man". They're hosting a Free Comic Book Day event. There's a website about it: www.freecomicbookday.com*. I imagine though, given that I'm still in bed at the moment, there's not going to be many left by the time we arrive. Still it's a good excuse to spend some time wandering round the comic book shop.

I've just recently bought a comic book actually. It's by a bloke called Grant Morrison. It's his 'masterwork', The Invisibles. I've read a lot of Grant Morrison in the past and wasn't expecting much. He'd stuck in my memory as being mostly hit and miss. The worst work of his was a book called Arkham Asylum. Really dull. The only reason I bought it is because me and a mate have become a little obsessed with a fantastic speech he gave at the Disinformation conference a few years ago. Do a search on GoogleVideo** for either disinformation or Grant Morrison and you'll find it. He's a wacky character.

He bangs on about magic and aliens. What's good about that is he manages to do it in an interesting fashion.

I think one of the reasons I've got a reasonably eclectic mindset is my fascination with comics during my formative years. In retrospect it's obvious when I consider some of the genuinely strange yet talented people who write these things. Their odd fascinations with ideas that traditionally belong on the fringe naturally bleed through into their work. It's amazing the influence this has on you when you're an adult.

Things seem to be moving along with the idea of me interviewing Pat Mills, the Godfather Of British Comics. We're even looking at a possible date at the end of this month. Fantastic news.

I sent a script off to Viz this week. No reply as yet but I'm sure they will love it. Just as Tharg will at 2000AD in the end. As well as my script I sent in a load of letters. They pay a fiver a pop I think? Here's my favourite letter submission:

Dear Viz,
Why don't that Osama Bin Laden, Tony Blair and George Bush all just f*ck off and leave us lot to live in peace?

Yours Sincerely

Nick Margerrison

PS - That Saddam Hussein can get to f*ck as well.

Hope they publish it.


*You'll have to cut and paste this because I'm updating on my liddle lday's Apple. For some reason it won't let me put in a weblink. This is in no way a criticism of her Apple! I'm not getting into all that again.

**Usually of course I'd have done the work for you here but it seems a bit pointless given that I can't link to it. Perhaps I can embed it into the entry? Not managed to do anything like that for a while... here goes:


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