Under red keys in his locket

So I've started going to the gym recently in order to boost the total number of weight watcher points I'll be able to spazz at the forthcoming company party this weekend. This means I now have to contend with THE CHANGING ROOMS again, which frankly I've always fuc#ing hated. Today there were all manner of people there doing all manner of horrible things. One bloke arguing on his mobile phone with someone. Really going at it and shouting. Another in the corner with a calm look on his face pulling his plonker occasionally in the sort of absent minded fashion one might adopt when scratching your ear.

I also noticed a little cubicle in the corner of the room which had never struck me as absurd before. Now I noticed that to use this little cubicle (presumably to preserve your modesty and not attract attention to your naked body) you'd be actually drawing more attention to yourself by going into it. People would think it quite odd.

I remarked on this to my friend and then spent the rest of my time there worrying that someone would walk out of it looking all shamefaced. They didn't.

Then, for the first time ever, there was a queue for the showers. I've never experienced that before. Very odd. Naked people really smell horrible. Standing in a line of them is probably the sort of thing they make you do in hell. Big line of naked people, waiting to be flogged.

If you spent an eternity there you'd get used to it in the end of course. It'd still be annoying though. Smelly people.

However I'm the one who's laughing. I've managed to get an extra 4 points by going to the gym this week. That is equal to an extra pint of bitter and half a lager.

Doesn't seem that much really does it.




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