Weddings, girls and oil. (Friday)

I've not been on my diet at all this week. I'll have put on something silly like half a stone when I go to get weighed at weight watchers next Wednesday. Boll#cks. That's really annoying. I enjoy weight watchers more than the atkins but if my weight does go up by too much I'm sorely tempted to get on the latter again. The atkins diet works. There's no debate there. I was 18 1/2 stone. I lost 2 stone on it and have never put it back on. The only problem is it's so intense and hardcore that I lack the willpower to do it again.

The rot set in with me and Jodie having Pizza Hut at the start of the week. That in retrospect was clearly a mistake. It was obvious I'd made a mistake when they came round with the wrong pizza. Brilliant. I rang them back and got told I was lying and that was what I'd ordered.

"No I didn't, my girlfriend's vegetarian, she wouldn't never order that pizza"

"Yeh you did. In fact I remember the order because I read it back to you."

Short pause for thought here. The bloke I ordered it off had a strong accent and poor grasp of english. The bloke I'm chatting to now who claims to have taken my order has no accent at all. He's calling me a liar. I'm going to have to return the compliment.

They send matey round with the correct order and demand the rubbish pizza back. Crap service.

Pizza tasted nice but was a bit cold. Felt fat for three days afterwards.

I'm reminded of one day when I ate a pizza and put on an extra half a stone. In a day. Never shifted it until the atkins diet came along.

Perhaps I should get back on it. My Mum certainly thinks so.



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