Words are not what you are reading. (Friday)

Remember that fat bully who was on the last Big Brother? Lesley Sanderson was her name. By then I'd already gone on record as saying that the way this thing will end is with the suicide of one of the contestants once the lights are gone and the cameras are no longer interested. She's recently admitted that she attempted to end her life [external link to digitalspy.co.uk] not so long ago. My thoughts on reality television are outlined quite concisely on the most popular page of this blog, over here.

What strikes me about what she says in the interview is the pathetic sadness of it all. On one level she was a fuc#witted agressive bully who showed a very unpleasant side of herself to a large number of people on TV. What she didn't understand was that this was then picked up and spun by tabloid newspapers to people who were as thick as she is. The consequences of this are the depressing, tacky and unfortunate series of events which became her life after leaving the gameshow.

There's one bit of it which really strikes a chord with me though. She describes herself as a victim. This is correct in every sense of the word. In yesterday's post I outlined the fact that broadcasters need to hold a licence as one of the reasons people like Channel 4 hold such sway over the minds of the stupid. As it stands at the moment this requires them to take responsibility for what they choose to broadcast. Programmes like Big Brother are in my opinion a flagrant breach of this. Lives are ruined by this programme. There's no debate about that.

Does the fact it makes a lot of money outweigh this? I think not.

Does the fact they volunteered for it? Not in my opinion, they're too stupid to know what it entails.

Does the fact that I'm going to probably end up watching it, just like I did the celebrity one? No.



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