You don't know what you'd do without it...

So today I had a nasty shock. As I glanced at the last few entries I've made to this 'blog I realised that I'd missed a day out. Totally by accident I'd failed to post an extra entry to make up for bank holiday. At first I was convinced I'd written one and it had somehow been deleted. Like some weird hacker had decided to delete random blog entries for fun. It took an unusual ammount of time for me to realise that it was actually my halfwitted tom-foolery which was to blame.

Now it's not unusual for me not to update this each day because I might not be able to get to a computer. What I do in those instances is upload the correct ammount of entries the next time I'm online. However these entries have usually been pre-typed into my phone so they're relevant in some way.

Tonight I needed an extra entry to make everything fit in my little world of odd silly rules that I must stick too at all costs. So I ended up digging out an old entry which I wrote but never posted some time ago on the grounds that it was a bit sh#t. And very up its own a#se.

That's what you now see over here.

I predict that no one will ever read it. It's too long and boring.

There's a lovely irony in the fact that this post is now about apologising for a previously bad post. A trick I've employed once already this week.




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