you know The message already (Saturday)

I'm seriously considering giving up alcohol for a few months, just to see what it's like not to drink for a while. Bill Hicks did most of his best work once he gave up the demon booze. Peter Kay doesn't drink. Jonathon Ross gave it up. It seems that people only ever benefit from the decision. I doubt it's a decision you can regret.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an alcoholic. I just wonder what it would be like not to drink at all for a few months. I think it'd help me to loose weight for one thing. It'd cut down on embarrasing -did I really say/do that- situations. It should work out as a positive on my bank balance.

I've not decided yet but as I write this I've got to be honest, I'm hard put to think why I shouldn't give it up for a few months. What precisely are the advantages of drinking?

That's the weird thing about drugs. They affect people in different ways. Alcohol for me is something which makes me tired and stupid. Nothing else. It's mainly a social thing for me. I feel like I'm ruining things for people if I don't have a beer. It's annoying to think I lack a backbone in this respect.

Screw it.

You've just witnessed me deciding to go without beer for two months.



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