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Ditto... and everything else, only took me a few weeks...

Oh... my... God... I need to stop playing on Sim City!!!

its path is without mercy

The Sigyl kicks in...

One month... that's all ya got...

(sunday) Closing it down, slowly but certainly.

I just can't wait for (saturday)

Faster than the speed of thought.

But I lost 3lbs at weight watchers... 1/2lb more and I've done a stone

They've got a camera in the studio so I can't pick my nose anymore.

Giddy gumdrops are not what you are imagining.

Albert Einstein is licking my ears

(sunday) Shabba has his pop stanks in the car... that way no one can see them

(saturday) There's a certain type of Jesus

(friday) Closer inspection revealed it wasn't

Figgy wiggy, figgy wiggy, wiggy figgy.

So I gained half a pound...

Knew the f#cking thing wouldn't work... knew it!

Yesterday, I won a million pounds

do these things repel or attract? (sunday)

Sincerity is the secret (saturday)

I'm not sure you're able to say (friday)

I've beaten you

So... I lost 3lbs at Weight Watchers... Bring it on Mo Fo!

So... um... what do you think of my friends? They don't really talk to you much...

You just be yourself.

"...actually do think I'm one of the best in the world at it..."

Ping ping ping says the busman (Saturday)

So... not drinking, erm, until today when it all goes wrong. Ruined.

So I just tried the phone and there we are... it's going to happen