"...actually do think I'm one of the best in the world at it..."

I've totally decimated my little pledge to not drink for a few months. It was a decision I made as I was writing this blog. I think I did well in not drinking for a bit though. I'm now undecided as to whether I should re-try my pledge. If I do I won't be so silly as to decide while writing this.

The thing is it's really difficult in social situations to go, "nah lets not bother with a drink, we should do something more exciting like go to the cinema". In fact it's very unusual to make such pronouncements. I'm glad I did have a drinky though. It makes social situations a little more spicy than usual. I'm still in the camp which says drinking does not make you honest but I had an amusing conversation with a friend where we agreed that it can make you less inclined to bother with the effort of lying. You sometimes simply cannot be a#sed to cover up the truth with a little bullsh#t. It's too much effort.

So I've pulled another classic Margerrison u-turn. These are frequent. I retain the right to change my mind about anything at any point. This is in my opinion a sign of strength and not weakness. There's nothing more fun than totally altering the way you think about something.

Well... that's what I currently think. All thoughts are subject to change. Even that one. Actually that doesn't make sense. Can I change my opinion on the subject of changing my opinions? Erm... yes, I could. But not today.


My athlete's foot is looking like the gnarled hide of an albino rhino. I'm using some ointment which I'll bet was made using oil at some point or other. Wayne the conspiracy theorist has sent me a link to this amusing little video which has a thing or two to say about our reliance on oil.


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