Albert Einstein is licking my ears

I'm a bad person. I did a bad thing. Sometime ago I spent a whole blog entry slagging some bloke who was once on Big Brother. People keep logging onto this site via one about him and his band. I'd tried in the past to register to his site but it didn't let me. Last night I managed to get it to work and logged on to the private discussion about my evil words. Here's an edited version of what I found*:

Babuska posted:

I just found this delightful piece online. [Here he's posted a direct cut and paste of this entry].

It's probably safe to assume that he's got a tracker on his blog so next time he fires up his stats he'll know we've found him. Who knows, we may even get a visit

Steph posted:

James Piekos he's a viking fm dj. this article :yuck:


Is he now? Hmm......interesting. I hadn't got around to googling him yet. Thanks for that.

Dan Bryan:

Babs that James guy? Does he work for VIKING?I've got to dash off.I think he was possibly trying to be 'wry' and 'funny' seems there's clearly a spark plug mis-firing somewhere.


James Piekos is now with Viking. Used to be with Hallam. I think he's on now if you put the radio on. The one who wrote the blog is with Hallam. It's all on the links babe.

And I don't think he's trying to be wry. It's a nasty little piece. I think we need to get hold of a copy of Plegm (whatever that is) to see what is it he's written about you in there.


I think he is trying to be funny, and to the right audience, he will have succeeded. Not my idea of funny though.


To be honest I'm not so much bothered about what's being said (although it's nasty) it's more a case of who's saying it. I'd have thought DJs on local stations should be supporting local talent rather than setting their mates up to rip it to pieces.

Dan Bryan:

Cheers for that guys, Of course we are all right but I can't waste m,y energy on twats like that.He's clearly not talented and quite bitter about it. When Have i ever been a 'victim'? That proves he has no grasp of what he's trying to say.Imagine if i was presenting a radioshow on local radio instead (which for the record I can do standing on my head) he would've slagged me off just the same.I bet he's got halitosis.


Halitosos or not, we know he's a fat b[#]stard (he said so hmself) I'm still more cross with the Viking guy who sent him the article so they could have a laugh at you together :(


A little update on that for you all [here he reprints this entry in full]

[highlighting the following]
"dan-bryan" - a bloke who was on Big Brother some time ago. I slagged him off (perhaps a little too viciously according to my girlfriend) a while ago. I'm on page 11 of a web search on this guy. Who reckons it was him who leafed though the preceeding pages?

To which Dan Bryan replies:

Bless.There you have it. The girlfreind clearly loves me and the poor little boy feels jealous.I tell you what...I'll shag him!

Right. So now I'm facing a bit of a dilemma. He doesn't seem too arsed about it, although some of his fans were a bit annoyed. I reckon he'll be thick skinned nowadays. However on the other hand I think I was out of line giving him such a slagging. I was using him as an archetype. He represented, "That Bloke Off Big Brother". You know, the one who you're not quite sure who they are. Bubble or Bobble or something. There's a few of him.

You know the sort of person "type" I'm talking about. They turn up on TV all the time and you almost but don't quite recognise them. I love 1997 and oops - there's some bloke off Big Brother.

What has actually happened is that it looks now like I've singled the poor sod out for attention. Which I sort of have and sort of haven't**. In reality I realise, this is a person not a caricature. And although he doesn't seem upset*** I feel the need to apologise and put things right. I'm going to look like a t#at when I do it but I think it's the only honourable thing to do.

Either that or I'll go on there and post that actually I agree with Babushka: "I'm still more cross with the Viking guy". In many ways I think he's right. James is the real villain here. Not me. I'm almost an innocent bystander. Ok, so he never asked me to write anything on my blog and yes, many may argue that he's had hardly anything to do with it but I think we can all see how he's actually the one to blame for this whole sorry mess.


*Dan Bryan is the bloke who was on Big Brother.

**For example, I suggest that I've written about him in Phlegm. I have and I haven't. It's a short comic strip called "That Bloke Off Big Brother" which I'd written last year. It's about the archetype he represents. Someone who sort of is, but actually isn't, famous. One of these guys clearly think I've written and published a character assasination piece about him.

***Actually he very cleverly tells me to f- off. Sort of. See, nice things. Don't hate me all of his fans. I don't want millions of Dan Bryan fanatics getting all annoyed with me. It's only a silly blog. My girlfriend already told me off about all this.


JamesPiekos said…
Golly Gosh. It's all kicked off hasn't it?

So all this nonsense started after I posted an article in the Hull Daily Mail to my mate Nick.

I think it would be fair to say that Nick and I both enjoy studying celebrity, and in particular, the way reality shows and popular media launch people to "stardom", with varying results.

I think it would also be fair to say that my action of clipping an article out of a local paper, and posting it to an address in Sheffield is clearly makes me the bad guy here. It's obviously me you should be directing your wrath and disgust at, not Nick.

Last Friday, it was Viking FM's "Get Stripped" day - getting people to wear their team strips or England shirts in order to raise cash for our charity, "For the Kids". I personally visited Dan's salon and I can only speak as I find: He was a throughly decent, friendly chap who made us feel very welcome. It was great to have him contribute to the event.
Nicholarse said…
I've yet to go onto his messageboard and apologise. I'll be doing that today at some point.

I'm a bad person.

I've made a fool of everyone with this cursed blog.

Simon said…
I blame James Piekos as well. He seems like a trouble causer!

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