But I lost 3lbs at weight watchers... 1/2lb more and I've done a stone

I walk down to the shop and its raining. It's not heaving it down, it's just like walking through a cloud. I'm wet as I get to the shop and on the way in I can hear a kid who isn't old enough to talk. He's shouting something quite loudly but at first it's just white noise. I'm surprised that his mother hasn't told him to shut up. She seems to be ignoring him. Then I realise he's shouting "Eng Er Land" at the top of his voice. It's possibly one of the few words he knows.

Electric doors open for me as I walk through into the all purpose shop which is run by a huge corporation. I'm over to the stationary section where I'm looking for stuff. I'm confronted by a store display which sells games that glorify the war our country is currently fighting. They've got titles like "Blackhawk Down" with pictures of handsome soldiers fighting in Iraq against fierce odds.

I walk back with my goods having paid, not with money but with a little plastic card. As I walk back up the hill I'm pleased to see it's not raining. It amuses me to see the people in their cars sat, in mettle boxes, with anger on their faces. There's a big queue of them. But I'm coughing a little. There's something odd in the air. Then I realise I'm choking on their fumes.

Somedays the world seems very cold and harsh.

Glad today's not one of those days eh?*


*My girlfriend's up today I gave her a hug and felt happier.


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