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When I was in my formative years I hung out with a lot of conspiracy theorist types. Their big beef is that they reckon one day in the future the people "who really control this world" will try to get everyone microchipped. Some theorists have even put a deadline on it, 2012AD*.

Now ten or fifteen years ago all of their ideas seemed, to me rather silly but fun to indulge. I remember having a discussion with one of my more 'out there' mates about the idea of something called Problem - Reaction - Solution which has been popularised by David Icke. The idea goes that "they" create a problem, something like a terrorist attack. Then "they" handle the reaction and come up with a solution which suits "their" needs. For example the right to detain people without trial, declare war on other countries, set up a one world government. Y'know, that sort of thing.

I remember sitting in the Hallam FM studio on the 11th of September in 2001 getting flashbacks of all those crazy conversations which I'd had about how they'd one day do something horrible in order to speed up the attack on human rights which would be required to further this "agenda". It seemed like we were suddenly heading into the crazy world which had been an amusing diversion for me a few years hence.

The most absurd part of the "agenda" was the idea that one day we would all be required by law to have microchips inserted under our skin. To me this was always one of the silliest parts of it. It kept the conspiracy theorists firmly in the fictional world as far as I was concerned**. Just the idea that people would be okay with the idea on any level whatsoever seems absurd to me.

However today a mate of mine emailed me this story:click here

So perhaps that's how they do it? Get the fat cattle who worship these footballer types to follow suit? Genuinely still in shock over this story. I've been in shock about it all day. Amazing.


*According, I think, to a bloke called Terrence McKenna we're supposed to hit enlightenment in that year or something. I'm not actually an expert on all this but if you're bored and paranoid go on the internet ride of your life. Look for David Icke, Alex Jones and go watch that Loose Change film I've been raving about on here for months. It's in the sidebar.

**It's second only to David Icke's wacky claims that the world is actually controlled not by a clique of boring businessmen as you might expect but actually by shape changing lizards from the 4th dimension.


Leather Face said…
Peak Oil is supposed to occur in 2012, although some experts claim it's already peaked but the big money is on 2012.

The Incas also predicted that 2012 would see the end of the foruth and final equinox of civilisation. Now this doesn't necessarily mean the end of the world, it could just mean the end of what we know as civilisation - an unfair capitalist society that allows the rich to feed on the poor, and a move to euphoria (is that how you spell it) were we would live in a world of equality?

Oh well one can dream :0)

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