do these things repel or attract? (sunday)

There's a magpie with a broken wing* in the car park behind my house. It has been there for a couple of days. I don't know what (if anything) I should do about it. It's been hopping around outside the doors of some of the other flats. It was tweeting for a few hours today as me and the lady watched a DVD. I first saw it on Friday night pecking at one of the doors of my neighbour. At the time me and my girlfriend thought it was trying to get into the house. It looked very comical hopping about and pecking at the door.

I've long thought birds didn't use their legs enough. I'd use them more if I were a bird. Flying is cool, sure, but why be able to do both and only really do one? After this first encounter I thought perhaps this was a bird who had started thinking like me.

Then we saw it again. This time it was hopping about cawing once in a while. It didn't look distressed but we didn't laugh this time. It's clearly not well. Why would it stay there so long?

All today it was crying. At one point another magpie came down and joined it. The two of them tweeted away for ages. They made a real commotion. It was as if they were talking. Only a few days ago a mate of mine told me that magpies mate for life. This is why you're supposed to salute the "one for sorrow". One on their own means that their partner has died. Hence the sorrow.

I couldn't help but imagine that this cacophony which was coming from the two birds on this bright sunny afternoon was some sort of conversation between the two. In magpie language. Perhaps they were trying to explain to each other what was happening. Perhaps they were trying to understand why life had been so cruel. Perhaps they were saying goodbye.

As I went outside I looked at the poor thing as it hopped around a bush. It's wing I could now see was bent slightly. It clearly can't fly.

If it's there tomorrow I suppose I should make it my business to sort it out. Call the RSPB or something?

I don't know.

Poor thing.


*At a guess. It might just be damaged. It might get better. I might not see it again because it gets better and flys away. Or dies. I'd never know.


Leather Face said…
Its probably too late now but if you would've got hold of the bird and tied it's wings together it would've had a good chance of them repairing.

If you wouldn't have had time to look after the bird then there is plenty of rescue centre's. It may never have recovered to live in the wild again but probable a better life than the suffering it's probably already suffered.

I always rescue animals when I can if the appear to be in distress but that's me :0) I don't hold it against people who don't, you never know they may be scared of animals or just too plain busy in their own little environment to worry about anything doesn't involve them and their intermediates (I think thats the word)

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