Giddy gumdrops are not what you are imagining.

I was driving to meet a mate of mine and I passed a poster board* with "Love Football" written in the Coke font. I think it might have had "Coke" written on it somewhere as well. Scrawled over the top was what looked like, "We like football but we don't like you, now f#ck off". It struck me as poignient that some poor football fan had had it with corporate sponsors screwing the game they loved so much. However, I really liked the fact someone had bothered to redress the balance.

I turned the car round to get another look and realised it actually said: "We don't like football and we don't like you. Now fu#k off". This wasn't in anyway sad, simply funny. I loved it. Someone had written over an advert, telling them to f#ck off. Genius. Why don't more vandals do things like that? Instead of tw#tting phone boxes scrawl over posters. There's a beauty to it. It lends a certain air of intelligence to the act of destruction.

One of the reasons is of course that you're more likely to be caught and punished if you screw with a big company like that. Our society values adverts more than it does bus stops. I presume. Actually, I'm just pumping out guff there. The proof will be in the pudding with this one. If the poster is rectified today while I'm on my way to the gym then I'm right to criticise our societies priorities. If not and if that scrawl stays for a few weeks I'll actually feel more optimistic about the world.

My cousin used to photograph graffiti. He was/is a very cool person. I always thought it'd be cool to be a bit more like him but I never quite managed it. He was a big fan of rap music, Run DMC - NWA and so forth. I still remember his diplomatic response to me thinking Salt and Pepa and Vanilla Ice were good records which he really should own if he wanted to be "with it".


*Now if I were worth my salt as a local radio presenter I'd know exactly which road this was on. It was near Hillsborough. Sort of near Broomhill. F#ck it. I don't actually know. Bo#llocks. Local radio DJ's are supposed to know this sort of stuff. I've lived in Sheffield for years and I don't know anything. Ruined.


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