I just can't wait for (saturday)

Arrgh. I'm struggling with a very slightly watery left eye. If I leave it there ends up being a little pool of water in the corner which is literally crying for attention. If I wipe it with my finger the problem gets slowly worse. I made it really bad last week by wiping and then itching it for ages until I looked like I'd been punched in the face.

The thing is, there's an element of satisfaction involved in wiping it which is hard to ignore. It's a bit like my athlete's foot in that I quite enjoy sorting it out with a quick itch or wipe. I had a simmilar problem with ear wax [backlink to a previous entry]. My hearing got progressively worse but I enjoyed the fact that every now and then I'd have a particularly successful dig into my ear.

"Look at the size of that - wow. Plucked that out of my ear. Grr! I'm a man."

However I'm struggling with the temptation and trying not to wipe it. Today I was sat in Regents Park in London in lovely sunny weather. The watery eye is caused by hayfever. This ment it was a real struggle not to wipe it. I managed though. Partly due to sunglasses I'd bought earlier*.

It was a really nice day. We were in London because it was my girlfriend's birthday and she's got a lot of friends who live round there. They all came along and drank wine and talked and listened to the radio we'd brought with us. One of them had made brownies**! I managed to get a little tiddly in the hot sun***.

Some of my friends also turned up. One of them works in local politics and the other works in television. The latter thinks I should come and work with him as a TV presenter. I laso spoke to someone who thinks they might be able to put me in touch with some magazines to develop my writing a bit. I'll tell you if either of them go anywhere. I'm sure I could combine them with my current job. I've got oodles of spare time [backlink to previous entry].


*£15 for sunglasses. What. The. Fu#k? My girlfriend rolls my eyes at this comment but I'm sorry that's big cash for what are, after all, only sunglasses.

**Weight watchers has had a bit of a beating this weekend. Ruined. I'm back on it solidly now but I think I'm getting a little co#ky with it.

***We also went out later in the day and I couldn't get drunk. It seems to be impossible to get drunk twice in one day. I've never sussed out why this is.


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