One month... that's all ya got...

I went to watch a film called "Fearless" at the UGC in Sheffield today. It was a great film. Very of its genre, which in this instance was a Kung-Fu film. All about honour and so forth. Loads of great fight scenes though. It was apparently based on a true story.

Quite a few blokes came in to watch it on their own. I've done that once before. I found it liberating. Notice the operative word there though is, once. I clearly didn't enjoy myself that much. I wondered as these lonely men wandered into the cinema if they too found it liberating. Perhaps they just felt lonely. It's hard to know without talking to them. Something I obviously didn't do. Only weirdos go to the cinema on their own.

Some time ago me and my Mother went to see the Silence of The Lambs sequel. When we did we were the only people in there aside from some other bloke who looked like a tramp. As we watched the film he took it upon himself to breathe rapidly, frequently and loudly during the film. Then as it got more gory he decided to start finding it very funny. Giggling away to himself like a scary fool.

Nothing came of it beyond that. But he ruined the film a bit by scaring us slightly.

Or perhaps he enhanced it? We were after all there to watch something scary.



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