Ping ping ping says the busman (Saturday)

It's a lovely hot day and I'm sat on the tram in Sheffield. Behind me are two men one of whom is big and fat and has a gruff deep voice, the other is slimmer and has quite a posh sounding southern accent. I can't help but listen in to their conversation a little:

"If a bloke's pointing at me, step forward. Blam! He's touched you. Do him for assault" said the posh sounding man.

"Back in the old days you'd just have a scrap and one way or the other you'd sort it out. Next day you'd be having a beer with them at breakfast" added his larger mate.

So his posh sounding* mate chipped in with this perceptive gem: "All people is bothered about is themselves and what they want".

After that the two went quiet and considered this wise piece of thought. I had to get off for my stop but as I stood up I heard "He shouldn't have had a go at you though mate, he was out of order" coming from the face of the southerner.

I love listening in to little bits of conversations on public transport. It's exciting. Also on the tram was a little old bloke who kept taking out a copy of Terminator 2 Judgement Day which he had on video and smiling the broadest smile you've ever seen. He took it out and then put it back into his bag after gazing at it for a few seconds. He repeated this about five or six times. Then there was a mixed race couple with an unusually settled and very cute kid. They looked like they'd had a bit of an argument about something.

The ticket inspector was my favourite character though. I only had a quid, less than the required fare. He just let me off the difference. I'd offered to pay with my card but he wasn't interested. He was just happy to take a pound and overlook my tardy attitude to carrying cash. I'm a bit like the Queen.


*Clearly he wasn't posh at all.


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