(saturday) There's a certain type of Jesus

I've bought a copy of Viz comic and I was disappointed to see that they haven't used any of my 'hilarious' letters that I wrote to them. They never replied after I sent my submission. Tharg hasn't replied to my latest short story either. I guess I'm not a comedy genius or the world's greatest sci-fi storyteller. At least not yet. However I'm on the verge of getting a computer in my house. An actual computer in my house that is connected to the internet. This will be a massive lifestyle change. It means I won't be sat at work until the early morning sun staring blankly at the computer screens there, checking out YouTube.com. That website is my current addiction.

I have a fear that I'll get hooked on some daft computer game. That's almost inevitable. Sim City has already been bought for me. that's going to get some hammer. As is anything else I can get my hands on. Oh dear!

I remember the coolest Xmas ever was the one where I got a ZX Spectrum. Then I remember getting a Commodore 64. Awesome. The music and graphics on that were amazing. Then my conception of what was possible got turned inside out by The Amiga. It was such a shell shock that ultimately I sort of quit on computers around that point. I felt like they had got too complex for me. I could programme a ZX Spectrum and a Commodore 64 to a lesser extent. But an Amiga was beyond my grasp.

Following that I got a Playstation. By that point my interest in games had changed. They seemed too easy somehow. Too childish.

Now I plan to spend some time learning how these things work so I can do interesting stuff with mine. I'm going to do crazy stuff, you know, like read the manual an' that. Grr!

I've built a desk and a chair for it in my room. Self assembly kit. The chair's a bit f&cked. Got it from Argos.

Oh it's exciting.

It's also the most money I've ever spent on anything outside of tax bills.



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