The Sigyl kicks in...

"Everything's changing" sing Keane. I'm not keen on Keane. Their current song is quite good but their lead singer's fat* so. My flatmate's just got himself a new job down south. I went through a strange mixture of feelings as he told me. Obviously I was pleased for him but at the same time I was gutted as I won't see him anymore. We're best friends as well as just flatmates.

Obviously he's said that we'll see him on the weekends and so forth but in reality we won't. People never do. Not really.

Well okay some of them do.

Girls seem to be particularly good at that sort of thing. My girlfriend has an extensive network of mates all over the country. I have loads of people who I know whom I have to have that weird sort of "hello again" period with where you wonder why it is you didn't keep in touch. Thoughts like "they're cool, why didn't I bother to keep communications going with them? They're not secretly weird and I've forgotten are they? No. No, it's just that I'm lazy".

Without mobile phones and the internet I'd have lost touch with most of the people I've ever met.

Hey ho.

I must admit I'm not looking forward to moving our massive couch out to a new place.


*Nothing wrong with being fat. Apart of course from the health risks and the fact it makes you look less like a rockstar. I'm fat. But I don't pretend to be a rockstar. Like, for example, Meatloaf who is officially a c#nt. Feel free to add famous fat popstars into the comments section of this entry. Dane Bowers. He's a fatty as well isn't he? I'm ace me.


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