Sincerity is the secret (saturday)

I'm all for late night cinemas. I didn't realise they had showings as late as they did. Me and the lady went to watch X-Men 3 today and it was fantastic. I thought X-Men 2 was a bit poor and X-Men 1 was okay but this un's a belter! Really enjoyed the whole thing. Still absorbing it a bit.

I often feel life is a bit dull and humdrum after watching a film like that. As I got out of the car and walked back to my house I kept looking around at the real world and thinking things like: "oh - I can't fly or jump about like they can, in fact I can't even heal at the speed of Wolverine. Ruined". This is not new. I felt like that after watching the good Star Wars films at the cinema and I suspect I will again when I watch the new Superman film which (going by the trailers) looks like it's going to be ace*.

Fortunately the following incident happened before we went in rather than afterwards when it would have been so humdrum and un-superhero I don't think I'd have been able to cope.

Me and the lady were busy trying to suss out how many weight watcher's points there were in the popcorn. For this we needed to weigh it. But it was in boxes. After faffing about for ages - and even getting the manager to go and check upstairs - matey revealed he had some scales on the counter which he could easily weigh them with.

It escapes me why he didn't just do that in the first place instead of letting us flap about. He gave some flimsy excuse but we were busy going off to see the film.

It mildly narked me.

Perhaps his excuse was valid.

See - humdrum. Not the sort of thing Wolverine worries about.


*Yes. Ace. That's the word I'm using. Not a fashionable word much these days but still one I hear people using without thinking. Not often you see it written down though is it? People still use it. They just don't write it down. Why? It looks a bit sh#t I'll give you that. But it sounds, well, 'ace'.


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