So I gained half a pound...

The magpie which has been sat outside our flats for some time has finally been taken care of. I decide it was time to take matters into my own hands and as it was in the car park the solution was simple. I got in my car and did the decent thing. Reversed over its tiny body. It was an awful thing to have to do but if I'm honest as its frail bones crunched under the rear tyres I sort of enjoyed the experience. I felt strangely powerful. Almost godlike.

I am of course joking. I'm far too lazy and self absorbed to sort anything out like that - as one of the comments on that entry sort of points out*.

I didn't get to feel godlike at all. Shame. Actually I think killing little birds for no reason is wrong. I'm dead against it. In fact I think killing birds for my own selfish reasons is also wrong. So I don't do it. Unlike God. Who seems to think it's okay to kill people as and when He chooses.

Y'know I got into a conversation with a mate of mine recently about The Pope. The old saying goes; "Do bears sh#t in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic?". The answer to both these questions is supposed to be a no brainer. "Duh - yeah, course". I think the first question is fairly easy but I'm not so sure about the second one. Regardless of how much someone may or may not enjoy their job there's one thing which seems to unite every human in the world. We're all very cynical - particularly about those things closest to us.

You'll not find a bigger cynic re:the radio industry than those people who work in it. They're the ones who can (and do) slag it off the most in their private moments, usually when the beer is flowing. It's the same of a mate of mine who works as a chef. He's always the first to complain if we eat out - in fact he rarely does eat out nowadays. He's the biggest cynic in the world as regards the catering industry. Another mate of mine works in teaching. Want to hear how rubbish the state of education is in the UK? Give her a call. I won't even mention my mate who works in the Police Force.

Whatever industry we work in we end up being its fiercest critic. We don't believe in it.
So is the Pope Catholic? Probably not. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if he was the biggest atheist out there.


*The actual conclusion to the story is this: one of my neighbours got involved and called the RSPCA who came and collected it. It will be released in the car park if it gets better which they think it will.


Leather Face said…
One that gets to me (I don't know why but it does) is how people like to blame disasters on "God" - if there is a God then how could he let this happen!!!

Easy he/she/it didn't IF there is a God then as water is wet there must be a Devil (Ying Yang, Matter and Dark Matter), so if you believe there is a God (blaming God is sort of a proof you must believe in a God) you must believe there is a Devil, so these disasters must be the Devils work.

Why don't we blame the Devil much these days for disasters etc. Easy we're too busy using his image in Advertising???

Well if this "God" is all so powerfull why don't he over right this "Devils" work? Easy the "Devil" is equally as powerfull, hence the Universal balance of power. Remember lots of good things do happen around the World despite what the media says or should that be reports.

Crazy!!! Yes I maybe but so what :0)

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