So I just tried the phone and there we are... it's going to happen

I've been listening to clips of The Howard Stern Show online. I'm not a huge fan of his radio stuff but I've always thought he was a good presenter. What I've been listening to though is not the usual nonsense for which he is famous but the show they were doing when the terrorist attacks took place in New York on 11/9. It is in my opinion some of the best audio I've heard. It sums up the gradual nasty change which took place in the minds of people on that day.

I remember it clearly (as I'm sure do you). I was woken up by my then boss Anthony Gay who said simply "Nick, get here now it's urgent..." and the phone went dead. "Fair enuff" I thought and I set off in my little Nova to work. I was living on my own in a little cruddy bedsit at the time and it was only when I switched the radio on in the car that I realised something was seriously wrong.

Prior to the attacks I'd never heard of the twin towers. Regular readers will know I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to other countries, this includes America. I stumbled into reception and saw on one of the monitors a plane flying into the second tower. There were loads of people watching it in horror. My first thought was - "oh it's in America, we'll never hear the end of this".

Now my then boss had a picture of himself on top of the tiwn towers which I'd seen. He'd been there and bought the t-shirt so to speak. His face was as white as a sheet. He wanted me to go on air and do a sort of relaxed speech rolling news programme, which I did. Developments were coming in all the time while we were on air. It was pretty scary stuff.

As far as I'm aware there are no existing airchecks of the show I did with our newsreader Nat Sayee. I certainly didn't keep copies. I'm rubbish at things like that.

Listening to these airchecks of Howard Stern I'm reminded of what a strange event that was.

What grabs me about it is there are moments when they're sort of laughing about the thing. They're sort of being flippant about it. In the next few months I felt I should start taking life a lot more seriously. Both in my personal life and in my career. Nowadays I think the opposite is true. I actually think the correct response to things like that is to take life less seriously.

I don't know that I'm making sense.

I've booked a slot at a proper comedy club. I'm going to do a set infront of real paying customers. I need to stop listening to morbid things.

Here's the link to the aircheck site.

Here's a link to a short 10 minute clip of it which is good but in less detail.



SpectralKnight said…
Okay so, did you read my post the other other day Nick? What do you think? Not interested?
William said…
I am not sure you are making sense "oh it's in America, we'll never hear the end of this". That's a bit uncharitable. It was aweful.

And don't blame 9/11 for all the world's woes. If 9/11 hadn't been there we'd have been hating the Chinese instead of the Moslems. We need people to hate, people to blame. It has always been a multipolar world since the tower of babel - and perhaps we were just getting to a place - in the postmodern era after the fall of the Berlin Wall - where we could live in one World - and then the twin towers (our modern equivalent of babel in New York the modern babylon) were destroyed - and we're back to scratch. But what I'm saying is we'd have been back to scratch anyway - sadly - twin towers or not. We aren't ready for a better world.
Leather Face said…
William I don't need people to hate - through circumstances I do hate some individuals but I don't hate a set of people because of their title, beliefs, etc. Coroporations are what we should hate, they create greed and destroy the planet. Corporations are far more dangerous than Al-Qaida and they have the law on their side - infact I believe they make the laws, so obviously they have it on their side :0)

I remember 9/11 too. There I was a day away from going on Holiday to the states. I was going for a lazy game of golf whilst listening to the radio in the car. All I remember hearing was "Crash" "Twin Towers" I didn't hear the whole story, so I just assumed the Dowjones stock market had suffered a crash! Well it was only the day before that the FTSE suffered a crash - mmmm was that planned??? ;0) Anyway half way through my round of golf with my mates the mobiles began to ring, apparently all hell had broken loose. The words I heard first were "I don't think we're going on holiday now." Why? I replied, "Well it appears America as been attacked!" The it was blah blah blah and yes that was it they wouldn't let us fly, well at least I got my money back. I would've still gone if they would've let me but I couldn't move my holiday days so that was it.

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