So... I lost 3lbs at Weight Watchers... Bring it on Mo Fo!

I had one of those awful little micro-sleeps today. One minute I'm reading Judge Dredd The Megazine* with 'Big Brother Live' on the telly** when - whoosh I'm waking up on the couch***. What I really hate about these sort of sleeps is that they do you no good whatsoever, I didn't need a sleep and felt utterly f#cked afterwards. It took me about an hour or so to fully regain consciousness.

So, after spending most of my day reading an action comic book I then stumble into work and check out the reaction to my recent pet project; annotating obscure but genius comic strips****. I did this by logging onto the ultimate 2000AD geek's forum where I'd posted a link to my annotations. Now, the last time I checked I'd only got the following response:

Sector Chief Posts: 628

Praise is clearly due for a detailed and informed text, but it's just a bit deep for me. I'm more of the read and file school of comics and although nuggets of gold can be mined there is no way I could see my self poring over the notes with my prog and marker in hand. That said if it was a story I liked, I'd me more inclined to make the effort. In short, well done but it's not really my bag.

"F#cknuts", I thought, "I've out geeked the geeks". This guy's a 'Sector Chief Posts: 628'. What am I? I'm a 'Rookie Posts: 123'. I'm but a nothing compared to him yet there's no way he'd end up "poring over the notes with my prog and marker in hand".

"I should have kept these notes to myself, I'm a geeky idiot with no life and I've made a fool of everyone with this slavish devotion to sequential art." I thought to myself.

Then things started to change...

Slowly the tide started to turn and other geeks came out of the closet with suggestions as to how these (slightly obsessive) notes I'd written could be improved. Brilliant. I'm not the only one without a life! Then something I did not expect to happen happened. The writer of the story waded in and wrote this:

Hi there! Well I think this sort of thing can only be a good thing - but then I would say that, wouldn't I? It's just nice that someone's gone to so much trouble, I suppose... though I think some of the commentary is a bit obvious...


As usual with my stuff, it's heavily researched but a lot of the stuff is just made up. Which is, after all, my job, so...

Good stuff anyway, fella!


Blimey! He's the bloke what wrote it. One of my favourite comic strips. So perhaps being an uber-geek isn't such a bad thing after all. Anyway, I sent him an email thanking him for his praise and made a note to myself that the word "fella" is still one which confuses me.


*I sort of feel like I should buy Judge Dredd The Megazine just to show support for the idea of a UK comic book industry. It's not a great mag and it's not a patch on 2000AD. Not a patch. No wonder I fell asleep.
**"He realised he loved Big Brother" is how my bible 1984 finished. I like the fact that around the same time I stopped doing my phone-in show I also started to enjoy this TV show. It works on so many levels you'd think I was liking it just for the symbolic reference. I don't. I really do like it.
***Actually it was that couch that me and my flatmate went off to get from all of the way from down of the south.
****What I've done is written loads and loads of notes about the first episode of my favourite story from last year's run of 2000AD. It was called Leatherjack and it was, without doubt, a work of genius.


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