(sunday) Closing it down, slowly but certainly.

If there's one strip alone which encouraged me to subscribe to 2000AD again it was Slaine as written by Pat Mills and illustrated by Clint Langley. Clint's website is here:www.clintlangley.com [external link].

This guy's artwork is beyond amazing. What particularly excites me about it is that when he does a comic strip the whole thing looks like that. From start to finish. Genius. It was therefore exciting to get the following reply from his website when I wrote him an email to say his pictures were cool:

Hi Nick,
Thanks for checking out the website and glad to hear you like my work.
All the best,

As I was writing this I got a bit of a surprise. One of my favourite internet stars has broken through into mainstream telly. I'm in shock. Genuine shock. Good shock - but shock all the same. It's left me a little stunned. Allow me to start the story right back at the start.

There's a website in my sidebar which has some old audio of the phone in show. Sometime ago I looked at it and there was a call on there apparently made by Darren from Fat-pie. Here there was a link to a fantastic website which totally blew me away. Very funny. I liked it so much I put a link to it from my old 'blog which used to be hosted on the Hallam FM website. Here's the old entry (copyright of EMAP etc.)

06 Jun 2005

Communication is only possible between equals.

Hi Nick !!
i have an idea for a topic on nick at night. I think you should have the topic 'Your Favourite Quote'. I am fascinated by quotes.Would please mention my quote if you decide to do this topic.My favourite quote is 'Some people are born with greatness.Some people acheive greatness and some people have greatness thrust upon them' as i am a big fan of boxing i think that quote is quite touching and really can bring beleif out of people !!

Thanks Nick


Robert in South Yorkshire:

That Website is a bit odd, dont you think? It explains a lot about you but it freaked me out a bit, some of your fans must really have problems, Cuthbert's calling gang? Basset's sweet factory? what on earth is this guy smoking? It also has very annoying music.

Ben in Rotherham:

Hi Nick,
I remeber you saying on thursdays show that you have a wiered sense of humor. This site is full of it

--- This last site isn't as good in my opinion as the gloriously wrong www.fat-pie.com website. However it's not bad. I just hate -ahem- "comedy" songs. I used to do them myself and they're really a lame way of admitting you're out of ideas.*

It's the final weblink I want to draw your attention to. There's some video on there which is very funny. The animations are good but it's the Devo stuff which stands out. From that point onwards I became a regular viewer. I tried to get hold of the guy to do an interview with him but never got a reply. Shame.

What struck me about it was how f#cking hardcore the humour was. Anything that is capable of both making you laugh and making you a little scared is worthwhile. Now I've seen an advert for it on E4. It's sure to be a huge success. It's ace.

I'm in shock.


*Oh dear. I recently wrote a "comedy song" which I'm recording tomorrow. Ahem. Ruined.


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