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I had a real 'what the f*ck' dream last night. Me and an eclectic bunch of my mates were off to see the Queen for no apparent reason. On the way it transpired that my girlfriend had slept with a, frankly obscure, historical political figure known as Benjamin Disraeli*. She'd caught VD off him. Oddly I wasn't too bothered by this news. I think I was more excited about meeting the Queen, who in this dream turned out to be a very down to earth slightly bossy northern woman who would have fitted quite nicely behind the bar of The Rover's Return**.

Ancient civilisations used to believe there was a prophetic power to dreams and that a decent sage or philosopher would easily be able to suss out my future from what is written above. This idea is of course bo#locks. Dreams are clearly the ramblings of your subconscious. Free from the constraints of reality you can bumble about into any situation you like. That's what's so great about them.

Having tampered with lucid dreaming in the past I feel more aware of what dreams are these days. However both me and my lucid dream weaving mate[external link to a mate of mine's blog] have failed to manage more than one lucid dream. It's really frustrating to crack it then not manage again.

I can sort of see where the infidelity thing came from as regards my girlfriend. She was on holiday and I wasn't with her so I'd joked about it a bit to a few mates. I can even sort of see where the meeting the Queen bit came from, I've been watching The Beatles's anthology recently. She sort of features in that. The one thing I can't suss out is why I'm dreaming about Benjamin Disraeli. Why would that be in my head? I was reading a bit of Bertrand Russell before I went to sleep. Could that be it? They sort of cross eras a bit. Madness.

Incidently I got bored with Bertrand Russell and decided to re-read 1984. That is an amazing book. It's my bible.

It doesn't contain any references to Benjamin Disraeli though. Odd that.


*What, I ask you, is the point of an education? I know who this person is, he was Prime Minister of this country! More than once! The 'general reader' though, does not give a baboon's tu#d. The 'general reader' isn't interested in Disraeli's forward thinking social reforms and widereaching influence on the political landscape of the 20th Century. I know you know who he is. But this blog has 100 readers a day now. Surely not all of them give a f#ck? If most of our fellow humans look at you blankly when you strike up a conversation about such things with them what's the point of knowing about it? This logic makes me feel that my mind is crammed with useless irrelevant information. What's the point of that? I digress.

**Ha! See. The general reader knows what this is but the genuis level academic has no idea. I'm neither. I'm the bit that lies inbetween. Jack of all trades and master of none.


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