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Saggy old cloth cat.

Freddie is gone and it still makes me sad. (Sunday)

(Saturday) It wash a loon time a goof.

This is what happens when who have an i-ratty lifestyle.

Getting out of the synch... for a minute there

Suddenly confronted with the stupidity of your situation.

Rested, norished and watered. My time is about to come.

Yadda yadda yadda I think I've filled my bladder

(Sunday) Somewhere in Essex.

I warn you now, this is addictive. It's good. But addictive.

Pint of beer and a packet of crisps last thing at night... I need to get on the weight watchers trip again!!

I'm not quite ready for the end of the world. Are you?

Blunder like a snowman through the desert.

"Close our eyes to the octopus ride"

This is about time.

Something dies everyday (sunday)

I refuse to be bullied. More than a week later and the situation is still unresolved. Time is running out. (Saturday)

And you can write anything you like here

Ever feel like you're just:

Scrabbling in the mind mud for clues?

Spent all day watching DVDs in my pants

I refuse to lock horns with those whom I like and respect, no matter who puts them up to it.

(Sunday) The democratic system is the perfect selection process for a hidden hand dictatorship, looking to find a good PR man

That was amazing. Totally amazing.

(Friday) It'd make a good article in The Sheffield Star though

Stupid drunken p#ick.

You must just not be good enough? Right?

I've never really managed to transcend the medium and become a genuine entertainer - a song and dance man, man.

Where has my moonshine gone / Bleed me dry, you're not the one / oh where oh where has my moonshine gone

Scaramooch Scaraboosh can you do the handy dango?

The gammy eye dream comes true, how odd. (Saturday)