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My computer is getting some serious hammer. I've discovered that if you use it non-stop for 8 hours you will definately get a migrane ten minutes after you finish. I'm ace me. Oh no I'm not. Ruined.

The only thing I think I've really done wrong with my computer has nothing to do with the machine itself. I've made a schoolboy error which is only becoming obvious to me now. I've got a chair, which came with the desk, that has a bright white cushion stuck to it. This computer sits in my bedroom and obviously I sit infront of it, on the chiar. Sometimes in my boxer shorts. Depends what time it is. Some readers will have spotted the possible (nay, inevitable) problem already. Others may not.

Phew! It's f#cking hot at the moment isn't it? Sweaty, hot weather. My bright white chair cushion is looking less bright and white than it did when I first got it. Not only that but it's slightly starting to show the clear imprint of my sweaty ar#e cheeks. That I did not anticipate. In retrospect it's an obvious design flaw.

The number of times I've thought to myself: "Whoo - that curry was spicy, hey I'm alone in my bedroom, I can just fart away if I like" only to then realise a little later that I'm in boxers, sat on a 'bright white' chair. Oh dear.

The odd thing about this is that usually over time you just get used to having a grey chair but in this instance I clearly remember how bright white it used to be. It's just white now. I imagine the inevitable transformation to grey will take longer.



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