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Twisted genius Al Ewing has been published in 2000AD again with a "Future Shock" which took me a couple of reads to get. In my opinion this guy is the most exciting of the new crop of comics writers. I've hassled him on email a few times and he's always been very polite. If you look in my side bar you'll find a link to his "Ultimate Future Shock". I still think 2000AD should publish that. What's good about Al Ewing's work is its compact and dense, like a young Alan Moore. He slips in something of worth in the oddest little places. Furthermore this story is in full lovely colour! Brilliant.

If you're new to this blog, you may not know that I'm a budding Future Shock writer*. I've been trying to get published in 2000AD for ages. And ages. And ages. The problem with Al Ewing's stuff is it sort of makes me feel like I shouldn't bother. His stories are always better than the nonsense I've come up with. I'll just have to try again soon.

As it happens I've been feeding my desire to get involved in the world of comics by continuing to annotate the "Leatherjack" story which appeared in 2000AD last year. Now, this really is geeky. No matter how geeky you think you are, I can f#cking out geek you with this! I'm re-reading the story frame by frame and then writing notes on it. The intention is that other people will then be able to re-read and enjoy it on a whole new level. Ha! Told you. I'm a bigger geek than you baby! I'm an uber-geek. Want to see this proof of my geeky-god status? It's here.

I think I'll go do some more on that now. Screw writing another Future Shock. I'm out of ideas at the moment anyway.


*You're new to this blog? I've been writing it every day for ages. It's genius. Everyone thinks it's ace. Where the f#ck have you been you little twonk? You've got loads of catching up to do here. Get right back to the first entry. There's about 223 entries or so you need to read before you can cast your filthy eyes over this entry. For f#ck's sake. You really are a tw#t. No you're not. You're welcome here anytime. Even if you are a bit of a t#at. Which you are.


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