Freddie is gone and it still makes me sad. (Sunday)

My reviewing things for REDEYE task is feeling more like hard work this time. I think I took on too many for this issue. My reviews have suffered after I accidently deleted a load of them. I've no idea how I did that. I'd finished the majority of the work and yet somehow I erased it all. I think it saved a blank file over it without my knowing. I'm not sure. It's a f#ck up anyway. One I've not even slightly emotionally recovered from. I've just re-written the review I remember writing for "Dr Who Adventures" almost a month ago. Last time round I slagged it a bit. This time round I've battered it senseless. Perhaps wrongly. I'm not sure. I'm busy writing up my next review. It's of a webcomic called Little Gamers. It's a good comic and my review doesn't really sell it well enough.

The idea of reviewing something is of course odd. While with my mates yesterday I ended up musing on things like "the news" as being like a little advert for the truth. I think that still stands in the sober light of day. My reviews are in a simmilar league. I'm telling people what to think. I think that'why I'm a bit uncomfortable with it. People should surely be able to think for themselves these days? But they haven't seen the comic. They need you to look at it first. Then you can tell them what to think. And the argument comes full circle.

An advert for the truth? The news. Is it? I really like that thought. I've been thinking recently about the idea that human beings are locked into some sort of collective lucid dream. Concensus reality dictated by weight of numbers and altered by the power of individuals to impose their truths on others. It's a silly notion.

There is such a thing as objective truth. I think. I can't prove it though. I cling to the notion on faith and faith alone. I have faith in the idea of a reality which we all share yet non of us can ever fully see.

Can't you see how odd a belief that is?



Yesman said…
I've often thought that - the consensus lucid dream thing. Being of scientific background, I see it a lot. Someone makes a new measurement; a rumble goes round the scientific community; others repeat the measurement; there's a fluctuation in results as if the collective unconscious is trying to assimulate this new idea; then it just settles on a value or a particular explanation and everyone finds the same result - almost as if the universe has to go look up the value in the book of infinite knowledge and pass it down to us mortals when we think we've discovered it.

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