(Friday) It'd make a good article in The Sheffield Star though

I'm hooked on the pinball machine in my local pub. 73 million is my personal best. I actually get better at it the more pints of Guinness I sink. That observation is backed by imperical evidence. Like the fact I get a higher score when I play it after a few swiggs. Unfortunately today I had one too many goes on the pinball machine and ended up drinking 6 pints of Guinness in total. This ment I was totally floored. My limit is around four. It used to be double figures. Me and this chap [external link to Collings's site] used to be able to sink ten or more pints and still function. After my six pints today I could not actually see the television screen once I got home without closing one of my eyes.

This is after six pints! I was floored. Totally. Well, not quite so floored that I didn't remember to total up my weight watchers points. 6 pints of Guinness is 18 points. In my piss#d state I decided to eat half a jar of olives. At a guess, they're about 2 or 3 points for half a jar. That's a real guesstimate though. If you don't know how many points someone like myself is allowed it's 31 per day.

Furthermore, if you're wondering how much weight I've lost in total it's now a stone. I actually can see the difference. My big fat stomach is a smaller fat stomach. You could comfortably fit a bird in there now as opposed to a dog previously. In my little fantasy world the reason I got so drunk today is that I'm now a smaller person so there's less of my body to absorb the drink.

I wonder how much it would be to actually buy a pinball machine? I must surely have spent about £30 in there by now.



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