The gammy eye dream comes true, how odd. (Saturday)

We went into town today to pick up a present for Jodie's flat mate, it was her birthday and we were going to her house for a barbecue. We went in as EngErLand were playing their game of football. It amused me to see various cars with flags on them driving about and even blokes wandering round with EngErLand shirts on. Brilliant. They're showing how patriotic they are by supporting their team and not watching the match. I love the stupidity and fat-headed arrogance of the human race. It's brilliant. Man I hate football.

I was nice to see the empty streets of town. There was loads of room for us to walk around and go shopping. I went into a comic book shop and looked at two comics, ended up buying them both. Couldn't help it. £30 gone on a couple of comic books. I really need to evaluate my priorities. Right after I've read these two new comics and finished my work on SimCity*.

It amused me to see some fat stupid-looking EngErLand supporter waddling out of his terraced house to ceremoniously pull off the daft flags he'd put on to show everyone exactly which side of the toast he was buttering. I shouldn't take pleasure in another's misfortune. It's an obviously empty meal. It's just so hard not to hate the herd mentality of these people. I remember very clearly TRYING to like football with a mate of mine and watching a game in a pub in Essex. It didn't work. 20 minutes in as the "fans" were chanting jingoistic, nationalist songs I was soon wishing for their beloved team to take a firm beating. They did, as it happens. the only real enjoyment I extracted from the ordeal was watching meat-heads getting unhappier as time went by.

Ha. Look at me wallowing in the sorrow of others. I must stop. It's not that important to me.

At the barbecue I struggled to keep to my weightwatchers commitments. In fact I went a few points over. That's okay as I can just make it up over the next few days. I add this note just in case you want to wallow in my failures. Last weigh in I'd put on 2.5lbs.


*I'm ace at this game. All you need to do is put it on easy mode. Piece of piss. I am the king. I've made a massive self contained city which is a testament to my sheer genius. Oh yes, dear reader, I am ace I am. Oh no I'm not. S%it me. I'm a f$cking loser. Hours on that b^stard game, wasted.


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