Getting out of the synch... for a minute there

The idea of writing Barry Bethell's biography is gathering pace. I've chatted to his son (a mate of mine) Dave about it and we're now in the process of setting up a meeting. It's come a long way from being a drunken conversation in a pub in Manchester. Everyone I've told the idea to has expressed a vague interest in it. I'm never very good at sussing out if reactions are polite or not if I'm personally into an idea. In my imagination the project is building. I think there's an interesting story to be told about a bloke who was reasonably successful in the media world but who's main claim to mainstream fame is a silly advert put out in the 80's.

Apparently he was the inspiration behind the bloody awful Cillit Bang adverts which feature "hilarious" fictional character "Barry Scott". I also remember hearing his name on the commentary of an Alan Partridge DVD. There's an influence there. It's the whole tacky 80's presenter thing which has been so lampooned in the 90's and 00's* that I'd like to turn round a bit. Combine that with the fact that he's done a lot of interesting stuff and you've got a book with a hook.

Now, what I need to consider is this: book with a hook? Is that my phrase or one I've heard and then forgotten about and then used as my own. I hope it's the latter as I really don't like to think my mind would do things like that without my asking. Book with a hook? F#ck's sake.


*Yes. 00's. I can do that. It's the written word. I don't have to bare the humilliation of having to say the naughtys. Woo! The naughtys! It was a crazy time. The naughtys. F#ck off. How silly to divide things up so neatly like that. What are people going to do when the 10's come along? Eh? What then? Or. To flip things round, what will I do if this blog gets turned into an audio "blogcast" reading? It's possible. Then I'll have to deal with nonsense like this.


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