I refuse to lock horns with those whom I like and respect, no matter who puts them up to it.

Here's my email to Stewart Lee. Do you think he'll reply?

To: Stewart Lee

Subject: A confession/plea for mercy/ admission of innocence.

I have to throw myself upon your mercy. I recently put an entry in my blog (which gets about ten readers) that sounded a little bit like your material concerning farts which you do in the Stand Up Comedian DVD. I had absolutely of email which said "you've stolen that from Stewart Lee, get your own material and don't steal from him.". I felt bad but also felt that I hadn't intentionally stolen the material but just had the same thought. Am I as bad as the likes of Joe Pasquale in my theiving or did I just make a minor faux pas OR did I genuinely just have the same thought?

I've left the decision up to you. I think it's fair to say that no reply from you exonerates me from all the charges?

[...offending entry...]

What do you think? Did I steal your work?

Rock on. Loving your work.

But not stealing it.

Um... at least not intentionally.


See I'm in an odd position. I'd be really excited if he did reply but also it'd suggest that I've been rightly accused of being a baddie.

Fingers crossed eh?



Yesman said…
I have to leap to your defense here old bean - I've listened to you bumbling on about the amusement value of farts for many the year and as far as I know, you only discovered Mr Lee's excellent stand-up routine at Glasto 2005.

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