I warn you now, this is addictive. It's good. But addictive.

Today is the day after I went out with a mate of mine drinking and acting the fool. I keep getting silly flashbacks of our drunken antics. At one point he spat water over me so I threw wine over him. Later on we were really dissapointed to be turned away from a club:

Bouncer: "Sorry mate, he's way too drunk"

My mate (covered in wine): "No he's not he's fine"

Me (thinking): Bloody hell this bouncer's good. How does he know I'm so drunk? He must be psychic or something.

Bouncer: "No, there's no way you two are coming in"

Me: "Come on man, let's leave. Thish guy knows too much."

Off we stumbled. To a hotel. Then into a taxi. Where we both fell fast asleep.

My mate: "Where the f#ck are we? Wake up! Nick, wake up!"

Taxi driver: "This is where you said you wanted to go".

My mate: "We're miles away from home."

Pay the bloke. Wander. Hail another cab. Get back. Sleep.


The next day I inspect my mobile phone. On it there's an amusing text from my mate Dave Bethell:

"Dad says he'd love you to write his biography. Lets chat monday." 10.59pm.

Now, Dave's dad is the infamous Barry Bethell. This text came out of a conversation which I'd been having with my mate about what a legend Barry Bethell actually is. He's had this huge interesting life and yet most people just know him for his slimfast ads he did in the 80's. As a matter of fact he actually has a long career in rock music and radio presenting behind him. He's worked in the industry for years. And still does. He did the voiceover intro for my old talkshow. I'd been saying to my mate how cool it would be to hook up with Barry for a beer and a chat. I then thought he should write an autobiography and call it "That was me, Barry Bethell". Then as the beer flowed I thought it a bit unfair that he'd get to write it and have the credit for my idea.

Then I decided to ring Dave. Then a few other people as well for unrelated but equally random reasons.

It's funny though because the idea isn't actually a bad one. I need some sort of project to do during the day. Perhaps that should be it? Or maybe I should widen the remit a bit and write about him and other un-recognised radio legends. Like John Gillmore and James Stannage and so forth. We'll see. As Dave said, we'll talk monday.



Simon said…
I would love to read a James Stannage autobiography!!!!
Smithy said…
Sounded like one hell of a shit night to me!
Anonymous said…
He's infamous now,and inprison

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