Rested, norished and watered. My time is about to come.

I'm behind with my reviews for the magazine I write for. I'd totally forgotten about them until I get an email asking where they are. I've reviewed s#it loads of small press comics for this edition. However it's going to be a little tricky to write them because of my new stupid allegence to ancient toltec wisedoms and so forth. In a nutshell I'm trying to be nice and use my words for good and not bad. Looking at the only reveiw I've written so far for this batch it opens with the following line:

"I've read some pretentious self indulgent twaddle in my life but [name of comic] should really have been mopped up with an old sock once it was finished. Why I should be subjected to it is beyond me -".

Am I really using my words for good here? I've agonised about this sort of thing before. I think perhaps I am doing the right thing. On the other hand I've never had anything of mine subjected to such a negative piece of criticism. Not in such a concise manner anyway. I've had my share of critics*. I just think reviewing a work of art is a bit odd. I think the comic is rubbish. You'd agree. So would everyone else. Still doesn't mean that it is. Right?


*A mate of mine mentioned to me today that he'd spent most of the night reading this ancient thread on Sheffield Forum about my old phone in show. He liked the fact that I started posting on it and eventually won them all over.


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